We offer a wide array of services from Brand Charters and Graphics Design, to having an immersive web and social prescense, and over to process improvement in Sales, Service, and Support. We've got you covered!

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Our Flagship Toolkit

Really, it's a toolbelt for your business! Every business has baseline needs in our "Triple S" model:

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Service

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The Dinero Plan & Brand

We have both the business and technology experience to improve on your existing business or help you start a new business from scratch.

We offer Brand Charter preparation services to include Text, Logo, and Dual Mark Logo design for your business.

Consistency Is Key

Your business needs a set of well defined processes for the sake of consistency. Having SOP's, aka "Standard Operating Procedures," ensures all employees and managers perform tasks and daily duties the same way.

Yes, there is more than one correct way to do many things. However, your business needs this proper structure to be as successful as possible. Changes to any SOP should be submitted for approval by management and only changed if approved by management.

Business Process Automation

A perfect segway from SOP's comes an added benefit of Business Process Automation.

Candidates for Business Process Automation can be other tasks also, such as generating reports, automated emails, and data integrations. The baseline requirements for a Process Automation candidate are generally:

  • Process result is predictable based on input parameters
  • Process is repeatable and can be run ad-hoc or on a schedule
  • Process steps are well documented in a SOP

Remember, "Time is Money!" Let's save both!